The Place of Theatre in the Films of Max Ophuls

The films of Max Ophuls are testaments to a period of intense turmoil which transformed Europe between the early 1930s and the mid-1950. As films they are sources to the aesthetic and political tensions of the age, but also a profound reflection on the rise of cinema, particularly sound cinema, as the dominant form of… Continue reading The Place of Theatre in the Films of Max Ophuls

Review: Madame De (1953)

A much-underrated director and supreme stylist, Max Ophuls is having a renaissance with a series at the British Film Institute this February that should not be missed. His films,┬áspanning┬áthe 1930s to the mid-50s, are beautiful models of melodrama, with femme fatales, longing lovers and doomed romances. Ophuls began his career in German theatre and radio,… Continue reading Review: Madame De (1953)