Bea’s work with film developed with her training as a Masters student at the London Consortium at LCTV (now the Derek Jarman Lab). The lab’s concern was, and is, to train academics and thinkers in using film. Using film as a method of research, in the form of essay film as an extension of the communication and expression of academic research and thought. But also film as a a process of interrogation, a process of finding, and a process of re-framing, and re-seeing a subject.

Bea has continued to work, and now teach film with the Derek Jarman Lab, working with graduate and doctoral students at Birkbeck University and the University of Pittsburgh. For the Jarman Lab she worked as Assistant Producer on four films, ‘The Seasons in Quincy: A Portrait of John Berger’, Directed by Colin MacCabe and Tilda Swinton, due for release in Spring 2016. She is also a Producer at Smart Docs, created by Dr Paul Craddock, previously the Director of LCTV, working with clients including The Imperial College Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science (ICCESS), Professor Kneebone’s Wellcome Trust Fellowship grant project ‘Thread Management’, the Talklab Consortium, Royal Marsden Hospital, Voices of British Ballet, Kings College Cultural Institute and Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

As an indépendant filmmaker and producer Bea has worked with a number of organisations and groups, including How To Academy, the ICA and Eros Press. In Summer 2015 she collaborated with Tim Dufort on a project to document the environmental and social situation in Las Piedras, in the Peruvian Amazon. Working with researchers with the conservation charity, ARCAmazon and Fauna Forever, and with local residents on the Las Piedras river. In 2015, Bea produced a short film ‘Guts’, working with Director and Writer Eddie Bolger, due for release in 2016.

To find out more about Bea’s filmmaking, go to her Vimeo page. 


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