East London on Film Festival (June, 2014)

  In June 2014, I curated and co-hosted a small film festival at Birkbeck Cinema, in collaboration with the Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image and the Derek Jarman Lab. The festival, 'East London on Film', arose from a number of conversations and my own research into the filmic history of East London, and the… Continue reading East London on Film Festival (June, 2014)


Watching & Waiting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU8kW0PEOb0 This short film piece, was conceived as part of a visual exploration and documentation of unknown places in East London. It was my attempt to discover unknown spaces and really look at them. This abandoned warehouse on edge of the Regents canal is no longer being used, and involved a kind boatman to reach,… Continue reading Watching & Waiting

Walking in the footsteps of W.G.Sebald [Part 1]

This piece is an extract from a longer piece about my walk up the Suffolk coastline, following the footsteps of W.G.Sebald's work The Rings of Saturn. By walking this landscape, which I had mentally drawing and redrawn in my head many times whilst reading the book, I endeavored to explore the inner recesses of Sebalds motivations and… Continue reading Walking in the footsteps of W.G.Sebald [Part 1]

Thread Radio Projects

In June 2013, I was involved in the Thread Radio project as part of a series on the theme of 'Sin'. The Thread is a free conversational space that goes beyond the university, a place where complex ideas can flourish in public dialogue. Created and produced by PhD students from the London Consortium, it brings artists,… Continue reading Thread Radio Projects