Bea Moyes is a producer, researcher and filmmaker. She has a Masters in Research from the London Consortium, Birkbeck College, and an undergraduate in History from Durham University.

Bea’s work particularly involves historical research, archives and film. Since February 2017 she has been working as Project Manager for Working River: An Oral History of London’s Boatyards, a heritage project run by the Thames Festival Trust in partnership with the Museum of London, funded by the Heritage Lottery fund. From 2015 she was involved with On-the-Record’s oral history project ,’A Hackney Autobiography: A History of Centerprise’, with the Bishopsgate Institute, and also worked as an archive researcher on a number of other projects.  In December 2015, Bea completed the London’s Screen Archives film archives course, funded by Film London. Since, Bea has been involved in programming the ‘Women in Film’ LSA Programme which she will present in events across London for Women’s History Month in March. She has run a series of editing workshops for groups including the Open School East Community Docs Group, and in March 2017 will run a workshop for the LSA ‘London:A Bigger Picture’ volunteers on archive film editing.

As a filmmaker, Bea works with a number of production companies, as well as making her own films. She is a Research Associate for the Derek Jarman Lab, working for them in the capacities of Producer, Camerawoman, and Film Production Tutor. She was Assistant Producer for the project, The Season in Quincy: A Portrait of John Berger, directed and written by Tilda Swinton, Colin MacCabe and Christopher Roth, which premiered in the Berlinale Special at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016, and was screened at Sheffield Docs Fest, New York Film Festival and at the National Portrait Gallery. The film has most recently been screened as part of a season at the ICA and National Theatre, and received distribution through the Criterion Collection.

Bea has also worked for Smart Docs for a number of years, producing films for clients including Kings College Cultural Institute, the Science Museum, V&A, The Imperial College Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science (ICCESS) and Imperial College Healthcare Trust, Talklab collective, and the Art Workers’ Guild.

Bea is also developing her own independent projects as a filmmaker, writer and curator. In 2014, she curated the ‘East London on Film’ Festival, hosted together with the Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image and the Derek Jarman Lab, at Birkbeck School of Arts. The short festival included the screening of films particularly relevant to the history of Stratford, and included discussions with artists such as Chris Dorley-Brown. In 2015 Bea, together with Timothy Dufort, also worked with ARC Amazon conservation centre to make a series of short films about the people and situation in Las Piedras, a region of the Peruvian Amazon. She has produced a short film with director Eddie Bolger, which will be premiered in Spring 2016. Bea also directed a short documentary about women’s choices and experiences of homebirth in France, which was screened at conferences and advocacy groups across the UK in 2016.

Bea has written for a number of publications including NYX Nocturnal, 3:AM magazine and Litro magazine.


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