Thinking With your Hands (2016)

  Since 2014 I've been involved as a filmmaker with a series of workshops and events, originally organised by Professor Roger Kneebone and his team at Imperial College Hospital (ICCESS), engaging craftspeople, engineers, surgeons and scientists to exchange knowledge and expertise in their practices. These remarkable series of engagements have happened at the Art Worker's Guild, culminating… Continue reading Thinking With your Hands (2016)

Guts (2016)

GUTS is a short fiction film, written and directed by Eddie Bolger, which I produced in 2916. The film was premiered at the East End Film Festival 2016 , on June 24th. GUTS is a black deadpan comedy, following the young protagonist Mike, as he heads off to rural Norfolk to meet his girlfriend's father for the first… Continue reading Guts (2016)

Personal is Political Choice (2016)

Working with midwife and activist Jodi Garrod (@DoulaParis) over the past few months, I had the pleasure of meeting and filming the remarkable Renata Rodrigues, at the birth of her daughter, Ludmilla. My short film, 'My Choice' is intended as a document of one woman's personal experience of childbirth, and her positive testimony of a… Continue reading Personal is Political Choice (2016)