Thread Radio Projects

Work by STIK at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

In June 2013, I was involved in the Thread Radio project as part of a series on the theme of ‘Sin’.

The Thread is a free conversational space that goes beyond the university, a place where complex ideas can flourish in public dialogue. Created and produced by PhD students from the London Consortium, it brings artists, academics, amateurs and professionals together in wild and wide-ranging discussion. The Thread uses speech as a tool for research to open up new and unexpected angles. This is live radio thinking.

Tacita Vero and I co-produced a show around the notion of ‘pride’, discussing the relative changes in the morality of pride as a sin and its current usage in relation to particularly urban cultures suggested community projects and projections of pride in minority groups such as racial pride, pride in sexual orientation or in gender.

In part one I interviewed Marie Murray from the Dalston Easter Curve Garden to discuss the pride of these remarkable community project in the East End, which is now under thread from redevelopment.

In the second part Tacita discussed the notion of pride in one’s work with three well known graffiti artists and commentators, STIK, RYCA and Richard from Scrawl Collective.

To round off we played the national Anthem of Sealand, a disputed micro-territory off the coast of Suffolk which Tacita has been involved in researching in relation to concepts of nationhood and piracy.

Listen to the programme here or by going to the Thread Radio website or the Resonance FM website (104.4fm).

Tacita and I will be working on a Thread Radio Project for Summer 2014 so listen out!

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